Introducing STULZ Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment (IeCE)

June 18, 2015 / by Aaron Sabino

I'm happy to announce the addition of STULZ IeCETM: Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment (IDEC) to our portfolio.  View the full press release below: 


Frederick, MD (June 17, 2015)

Leading mission critical cooling manufacturer STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. (STULZ USA) today announced the launch of new indirect evaporative cooling equipment (IeCE) that uses the latest technology to provide high efficiency environmental control solutions for data centers. Coinciding with this announcement, the company also officially opened the STULZ IeCE Technical Evaluation Center in Frederick, MD.

“STULZ IeCE is designed to minimize costly mechanical cooling by optimizing the use of outside air, and the evaporation of water wherever possible,” said Global Outdoor Products Manager, Ken Wheeler. “Interest in this type of IDEC (Indirect Evaporative Cooling) solution continues to increase throughout the industry and it is easy to see why. Considering our system, it is possible to achieve a pPUE of 1.03 under ideal environmental conditions. That is a significant efficiency advantage over traditional mechanical cooling.”

STULZ IeCE systems are intended as centralized cooling solutions that are located outside the conditioned space, freeing up valuable square footage within the data center. They are designed to provide efficient and continuous temperature control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Indirect evaporative cooling takes advantage of the cooling potential from outside air without introducing contaminants or humidity into the data center. A plate heat exchanger isolates the supply air from the outside air and the evaporation of water is used for cooling.

“Our system uses an aluminum plate heat exchanger,” continued Wheeler. “The material provides a significant heat transfer advantage over plastics, and when used with moderate return temperatures and containment solutions, it allows us to take advantage of cooler outside air extremely efficiently.”


The STULZ IeCE Technical Evaluation Center is an interactive testing facility located at the STULZ manufacturing and design campus in Frederick, MD.  This test facility allows customers to see STULZ IeCE unit and participate in witness testing.

“We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to see a complete system in operation,” said Joerg Desler, President of STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. “With this test facility, we will be able to simulate performance with test conditions provided by the engineers and designers we are working with.”

“Our campus in Frederick, MD consists of over 218,000 sq. ft. of design and manufacturing space,” continued Mr. Wheeler, “We already work very closely with customers to design and customize all types of traditional and outdoor mission critical cooling solutions, and this new test facility extends our capabilities to a whole new level. We are extremely proud of it.”

Visit the Test Facility



As the mission critical cooling experts, STULZ is ready to help you decide what the best solution is for your data center.

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Aaron Sabino

Written by Aaron Sabino

Aaron Sabino is the Product/Marketing Manager at STULZ Air Technology Systems in Frederick, Maryland.

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