More Than a Bad Hair Day: Humidity Control Solutions

May 19, 2020 / by Casey Jon McKay

Fluctuation in humidity levels can cause more than frizzy hair or static cling. When it comes to mission critical applications, the importance of humidity control cannot be overstated. Too much vapor in the air can lead to equipment degradation; too little can lead to static damage. Sensitive environments rely on precise humidity control to ensure reliability, stability, comfort, and even cleanliness.


Despite being as significant as temperature control, humidity is often not addressed until it’s too late, resulting in costly consequences. But these problems can be avoided. STULZ offers two state-of-the-art humidification solutions for mission critical applications such as:

  • Data centers
  • Libraries and museums
  • High-tech manufacturing
  • Printing and duplication
  • Food and beverage
  • Grow rooms & vertical farming
  • Health care facilities
  • Laboratories and clean rooms
  • Commercial offices
  • Tobacco/humidors

Stand-Alone Ultrasonic Humidifiers

STULZ Direct Room Humidifiers (DRH) are designed for stand-alone room applications in which the absorption distance is determined by the room’s relative humidity (RH). DRHs are typically mounted on the perimeter wall (below a ceiling) or on the shelf of a conditioned room. Made in the USA, DRHs can be placed on a wall or column with factory furnished mounts for a clean, unobtrusive fit. Or if needed, they can be suspended from above in an open space. An integral blower and a washable filter allow for convenient maintenance and easy access.


Duct or Air Handler Mounted Ultrasonic Humidifiers

STULZ Duct and Air Handler Humidifiers (DAH) are designed for use with central station air handling units (AHU) and can be located in the air stream ductwork or rack mounted within the American-made AHU itself. The air velocity design of DAHs is similar to heating and cooling coils. Factory accessories optimize airflow and mist control. With this unit, the absorption distance is determined by RH of airstream.


Features & Controls

STULZ Ultrasonic Humidifiers are purpose built with innovative features to better provide tight control:  

  • Multiple piezoelectric transducers immersed in water bed impart high frequency oscillation
  • Alternating pressure and vacuum causes cavitation and very fine water mist
  • Wetted surfaces are constructed of non-corrosive materials such as plastic and stainless steel
  • Internal humidifier safeties allow for low and high water level switches and high temperature cutout
  • Uses the STULZ E² Controller for precision monitoring and integrated operation of up to 16 humidifiers per zone
  • Monitors and communicates various system functions and alarms including water quality via integrated control and/or optional BMS


Both the DRHs and DAHs are impressively energy efficient:

  • 90% smaller droplet than nozzles (average 1 micron diameter); water droplets evaporate quickly in air stream
  • The adiabatic humidification process requires less than 10% of the energy needed to boil water into steam (Bonus: Adiabatic cooling improves efficiency in data centers)
  • Includes mixed bed deionization water treatment systems (by Culligan®)
  • 100% of the demineralized water in the humidifier is utilized and no flush cycle is required


With integrated controls and specific water treatment systems STULZ Ultrasonic humidifiers provide remarkable benefits compared to the competition:

  • Offers a 93% energy savings over steam humidifiers
  • Requires less than 7% of the power required by an electric steam humidifier.
  • Units keep operational costs lower allowing for a quicker ROI, typically 1-2 years, verses steam or infrared units.

STULZ Ultrasonic Humidification Benefits and Summary Comparisons

STULZ Ultrasonic Humidifiers are the result of company core values: sustainability, quality, and technical expertise. With stand-out features, precise controls, and efficient performance, STULZ delivers product quality at a minimal operating cost. Leading with an entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on collaboration, STULZ continues to create ideal solutions for mission critical applications, locally and across the globe.

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Casey Jon McKay

Written by Casey Jon McKay

Casey Jon McKay is the newly appointed Product Line Manager at STULZ USA, the world’s leading provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology. Prior to championing various industry segments such as hyperscale computing, colocations, precision agriculture and humidification, Casey served as the STULZ USA Director of Engineering. He has overseen product design, development, testing and validation of the entire STULZ USA product portfolio and has over 20 years’ experience focused on both commercial refrigeration and the precision climate control industry. When he's not obsessing over temperature and humidity, you'll find Casey in his studio or on the stage singing and playing bass guitar.

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