A Megawatt of Cooling Capacity for your Data Center

March 12, 2020 / by Lane Gregory

Keeping IT Cooling with Perimeter Mounted Cooling Solutions: CRAH

Nowadays more data centers are using Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH). A computer room air handler (CRAH) is a device used frequently in data centers to deal with the heat produced by equipment. Unlike a computer room air conditioner (CRAC) that uses mechanical refrigeration for heat removal in a data center, a CRAH uses fans, cooling coils, and a chilled water system to remove heat. Because CRAH systems are dependent on the surrounding environment temperature, they use less energy than the CRAC's mechanical refrigeration systems. The data center industry’s largest perimeter CRAH is our own CyberAir CFD-1080.


STULZ is proud to offer the broadest range
of cooling capacities for chilled water (CW)
and direct expansion (DX) units on the market
With 20 - 1,080 kW of cooling, there is
an air conditioner (CRAC) or air handler (CRAH)
for every mission critical application.

A Megawatt of Cooling Capacity

The CyberAir CFD-1080 surpasses the CyberAir 730 as the largest indoor chilled water CRAH in the data center industry, offering up to 96,000 CFM/987 CFM/ft2 of air handling capability. The CFD-1080 delivers up to a megawatt of cooling capacity. It provides high energy efficiency in a small footprint with a modular design. This allows for ease of rigging, modularity, reduced installation and commissioning time.

Modular Deployment

The CyberAir 1080 data center CRAH is uniquely designed for modular deployment, with six separate sections (two fan, two coil, and two return filter plenum sections) delivered. Once fully assembled, the 1080 stands an impressive 13 feet tall. The modular CRAH unit design eases rigging and solves one of the major challenges for data center infrastructure equipment deployment. 

Low pPUE

The CFD-1080 offers the highest airflow in a perimeter mounted form factor. This is combined with a low pressure drop that operates efficiently by utilizing backward curved plenum style EC Fans. These EC Fans modulate to meet the load demand, operating in tandem with the advanced chilled water control values. This combination provides a low pPUE value, thereby minimizing the PUE of any data center it is deployed in. Ideal applications include hyperscale data centers, colocation data centers, Cloud ISP, and enterprise data centers.

Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-art Microprocessor with a range of BMS interface options
  • Dual 2-way modulating CW valves (600 WOG rated)
  • Multiple EC Fan configuration options
  • Dual Cooling Coil Circuits for added redundancy
  • Fewer units at higher capacity for reduced capital and operating costs
  • Dehumidification efficiently achieved through reduced air volume at maximum cooling
  • Seismic and non-seismic rated floor stands
  • 1" thick, hinged access panels
  • 6-piece unit construction for ease of transport and installation
  • 100% front access on all sizes
  • Made in the USA

"Mission Critical applications require precise control of temperature and humidity 24/7/365.  The CyberAir series is the ideal, proven CRAC and CRAH to supply this control, cooling everything from small IT closets to the largest enterprise data centers in the world" states Dave Meadows, Director of Technology at STULZ USA. Backed by precise German engineering and a world-wide presence, STULZ embraces a customer-first focus and entrepreneurial spirit. For over 50 years, working in close collaboration with valued clients, we are committed to creating the air cooling solutions you rely on to take your business to the next level.

Get a Megawatt of Cooling for your Data Center!

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Lane Gregory

Written by Lane Gregory

Lane Gregory is the Marketing Manager at STULZ USA, where she leverages her 15 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing, sales, and media. Lane is also an adjunct faculty member at The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, where she teaches Advertising Management, Marketing Research and Integrated Marketing Concepts in the MBA program. When not strategizing on how to fill the sales funnel, Lane can be found gardening, cooking, and enjoying the great outdoors with her family.

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