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Brian Hatmaker
Brian Hatmaker is Vice President of STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc.

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Why "Climate Customized" Matters for Data Center Cooling

June 29, 2016 / by Brian Hatmaker posted in STULZ USA

You may have noticed some recent changes to the STULZ brand. While the most obvious changes include a new logo design and updated website, the change is really much deeper. Yes, those changes are exciting, but they are only outward indicators that something bigger,and better, is happening at STULZ.

STULZ Marketing has been working hard behind the scenes to establish a new Corporate Identity. We have asked some interesting questions of our company and the people that make it a global success. What can our valued customers expect from STULZ? What value do we bring to them? What does our brand stand for? What do we want the world to know about STULZ?

We found that the following five words best describe STULZ: Integrity, Dynamics, Flexibility, Reliability and Expertise. It’s no coincidence that these characteristics reflect the values that our customers have come to expect from our products and the qualities that STULZ employees display every day. We look forward to demonstrating how our team at STULZ USA brings these values to work every day to benefit our customers.

"Climate. Customized." now appears in our corporate logo. Why? Well, for many customers, our standard precision cooling, air handler, humidification and dehumidification products are just a starting point. At STULZ USA, we go further. We regularly collaborate alongside customer design teams to deliver the right solution for their unique applications. We have earned our reputation of truly listening to our customers. STULZ USA is customer driven and purpose built and our products and people reflect those core principles.

If you know STULZ USA, you also know we take great pride in designing and manufacturing our products here in the USA. We are home to hundreds of employees in the US alone, which includes Manufacturing, Sales and Engineering. Our global presence extends far beyond the US with over 5,000 employees spanning 130 countries worldwide. Together, we are united by our shared vision to be the independent, environmentally conscious, and fair industry leader in quality and technology, providing the best Total Cost of Ownership solutions for our industry. Our new Corporate Identity will demonstrate that unity as it begins to roll out throughout the world.  

The coming months are going to be very exciting, and our family of STULZ professionals are looking  to sharing them with you at our new website and blog.

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